Vaginal Food & Cuisine (Fall 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Fish? Roses and candy? Pinot noir? Wine buffs sample vaginal odor.

Bottomless Lemonade!

Bottomless Lemonade

Tales of piss-drinking without power play.

Cultured Women!

Cultured Women

When a yogurt fan has too much time on his hands.

Contest! Prizes!

Contest Giveaway!

Solve the puzzle and win fabulous herbal products!

Foody Links!

Foody Links

Food for thought from the rest of the internet.


Raw Food. Raw Attitude!

Raw Food. Raw Attitude.

A food drawing that turned vagic, by Melanie.


LaSara FireFox, Sexy Witch.

Sexy Witch

Sex educator and Pagan priestess LaSara FireFox on feeding personal and sexual power.

Lily Fawn of Earth's Herbal

Lily Fawn

The woman behind Earth's Herbal on herbs for women's wellness.


Recipe for Muff Pie!

Muff Pie

A juicy tart, with optional vegan pastry.

Recipe for Maxi Pad Biscuits!

Maxi Pad Biscuits

Yummy and absorbant coconut biscuits.

Recipe for Herbal Sherbet!

Herbal Sherbet

Easy, icy treats, specially formulated for fun in bed.

Recipe Links!

Recipe Links

Cramp cures, cocktails, aphrodisiacs and other delights from the rest of the internet.


Review of Aphrodite!


Isabelle Allende's ode to the sensuality of food.

Review of Eve's Herbs!

Eve's Herbs

John Riddle's history of birth control drugs, witch hunts, and women's wisdom.

O'My Lubes!

O'My Natural Lube

Sugar-free and naturally flavoured, but...


Thanks and Praise!

Thanks and Praise

Our contributors must be acknowledged!


From the Vaults!

From the Vaults

Related topics from All About My Vagina.

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