Vaginal Food & Cuisine (Fall 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Supermodel Meat Sports

For your food pornography needs, I recommend starting with Fleshbot's account of the rise and fall of Atkins-friendly, meat based porn, of which I wish to highlight the non-pornographic and thoroughly hilarious Supermodel Meat Sports. Follow along to the inevitable rise of high-carb pastry porn!

Of the endless aphrodisiac resources and recommendations on the internet, I prefer the passionate and scholarly Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Cat Yronwode offers a great overview of the use of menstrual blood and other bodily fluids in aphrodisiac foods and charms.

GirlScent Room Fragrance

An important part of any food experience is fragrance, and vaginal odor is a hot topic. I first encountered references to Body Mints chlorophyll pills as a way to weaken vaginal odor, although the marketing for this “total body deodorant” sticks to underarms, breath and feet. GirlScent room fragrance serves the completely opposite purpose: it's “a new erotic room scent scientifically designed to smell like a young woman's sexy vagina aroma.” And, furthering my curiosity about the influence of diet on body odor, Trixie blogs her vaginal odor and possible influencers at My Smelly Pussy (also check out her nice comments about my smell page back in May!).

John Harvey Kellogg, purveyor of 'fine' masturbation remedies

Other resources regarding diet and women's bodies mostly center around the hormonal influences of soy isoflavones, high/low fat foods, and eating disorders. It wasn't always so. The intertwined history of sexual deviance and breakfast cereal goes much further than cornflakes for the gay.

Finally, a list of vaginal food links wouldn't be complete without referencing the various urban legends about peanut butter, forgotten sex play foods that breed maggots, ejaculating dinner lobsters, and so on. Caution: totally gross, of course. The rather more compelling vagina dentata mythology is discussed a bit in the blog.

For further reading offline, you could hunt up the now classic aphrodisiac cookbook Intercourses, the infamous political tirade The Pornography of Meat, or the much harder to find but rather wonderful discussion of passion, food, and death, Consuming Passions.

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