Vaginal Food & Cuisine (Fall 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Raw Food. Raw Attitude.

Avocado… or Inner Vulva?

Raw Food, Raw Attitude.

I was out one evening at an art opening, and hanging out by the food table, munching incessantly on the raw veggies. A friend walked up and commented, “Mel, I see you're goin' for the raw food!” I said, “Well, you know what they say Richard, ‘Raw Food. Raw Attitude.’” I have no idea where that came from; it was the beer talking I suppose. The next thing I knew, I was frantically searching for a pen to capture this inspirational moment. I really imagined it as a painting with a half of an avocado. But I had no paints just then and wanted to sketch it.

Later I bumped into a guy I had recently met, but barely knew, who was an artist. I was all proud of my drawing so I showed it to him. I can't quite describe his facial expression… it was sort of like flinching. It occurred to me later that the shape of the avocado kind of resembled a vagina, and I wondered if that's how he interpreted the drawing.

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