Vaginal Food & Cuisine (Fall 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Happily, I'm not nearly the only person making anatomical baked goods, although the real hotbed of anatomical symbolism seems to be alcoholic drinks. Everybody and her roommate has invented a vaginal shot or cocktail: Vibeke's Vagina, Orange Vagina, Vagina Drool, Vagina Juice, Muff Diver, Placenta, Tampon String, and the only one of these that I've ever tasted, Smurf on the Rag.

Spinach has it own menstrual food group

Going one further than just naming a cocktail after a vagina, Yahoo maintains a directory of aphrodisiac recipes. However, nobody seems to keep a directory for cramp cures. We're stuck hunting down individual suggestions for raspberry leaf tea and the like. The Museum of the Menovulatory Lifetime, a feminist activist art project, suggests some menstrual food groups and offers recipes for each, but they are mainly symbolic.

My attempts to find recipes for menstrual blood have been totally fruitless, bogged down in vampirism FAQs, but placenta recipes are easy come. Here's a serious recipe collection, suggesting placenta cocktail, stew, pizza, lasagna and more, with an introduction explaning the motivations and other uses for placenta. One more gives a Placenta Jerky recipe.

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