Vaginal Food & Cuisine (Fall 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Thanks and praise!

The Vaginal Food & Cuisine extravaganza of Fall 2004 is endebted to all of these people. A hearty thanks all around!

Firstly, thanks to Lily Fawn, who took the time to be interviewed, and donated fabulous contest prizes. Thanks also to all the other contributors, participants and interviewees: LaSara FireFox, Anya Colussi, Melanie Covey, S.H., Emily Milliken, Solomon Siegel, and the brave and generous scent sample volunteers, most of whom wish to remain anonymous.

Thanks also to Robin Tosczak and The Hawk for their technology, Melrose Moilliet for blackberries, my business workshop pals for helping me get used to talking about vagina projects in person, the local libraries, and to a pile of friends and family, especially Galen Hartley and Isabelle Morton, for putting up with me, buying me beer and being good people.

Love from Sarah.

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