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In my first break from the supreme power of alphebetized content, All About My Vagina is presenting a quarterly online magazine (past issues are archived). I will edit, but anyone— female, male or otherwise— can submit content for the upcoming issues listed below. Past issues are archived.

You can also print invitations to submit. They make people laugh.

General Contribution Guidelines

  • Don't be shy! Anyone can submit in any medium.
  • Text should be under 1000 words; other media under 1MB unless you host it.
  • Submissions must be your own original work. You can keep any copyrights you like.
  • For now, I'm not able to offer cash for submissions, just a high-traffic venue for your work.
  • For fastest response, send submissions to Feel free to send proposals ahead for discussion.

Spring 2005: VulvaCon! Vaginal Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Submission deadline: closed

Published: Vaginal Science Fiction and Fantasy (Spring 2005 at All About My Vagina)

Winter 2004: Music!

Submission deadline: Closed

Published: Radio Vulva (The All About My Vagina Music Issue)

Missed a deadline?

Links and contributions may be accepted up to and beyond the publication date. This is online publishing, after all. Email Sarah with inquiries.

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