All About All About My Vagina

All About All About My Vagina

There is quite a lot of information available about All About My Vagina, I see, now that I've made this list.

During the research binge I embarked on while overhauling this website, I became a big fan of introductions. Knowing an author's biases and motivations up front saves a lot of time and mental energy.

My original motivations for making this website have been lost to history. I don't remember anymore, except that it felt like a stroke of random inspiration. Even my original “about” page didn't say. I decided to make this website while half-asleep in bed in February or March, 2000.

These days, the reason I keep making All About My Vagina is my helpful streak. I want to share whatever I know that can help people who have or know vaginas take good care of them, love them, and have fun with them. I get a shocking amount of email indicating that not everybody has access to such information. Even if everybody did, surely we could have more?

One of the most useful things I think I can do with this website is to write about my own vagina, and admit to everything on this site. I find that more context for my own vagina makes me feel more secure; the more I find out about other people, the less I worry about being weird, and the happier I am about my own unique vagina. I hope that reading about my own personal appearance, experience, and, you know, smell has that effect on you.

In a similar vein, I think it is important to keep available the parts of this site that embarrass me. I sometimes get passionate about being allowed to suck. I have written some really lame pages on this site. I have done some dorky things with my vagina. I've lied about it, abused it, made assumptions about it, been lazy, and been scared. I want to be honest about all of that, because I think it is important to be allowed to try and fail, in art or life or any time. So this site is partly here to let you know that someone supports failed efforts.

To sum up my core biases, as they relate to this site: I support pretty much any consensual act, I think education is a more useful tool than rules for keeping people safe and healthy, I love creative possibilities and extreme personal potential, I think shame and embarrassment are dangerous because they can prevent people from taking care of themselves, and I think all people are equally valuable humans and have valuable perspectives on vaginas. Also I try to eat vegan. It comes up sometimes.

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