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I offer space for advertisements because I want to promote sex-positive, women-friendly, fantastic, ethical businesses. If you are interested in advertising, email me, Sarah, or click the “Your Ad Here” links on any page.

I Promote Positive, Women-Friendly Organizations

I accept advertising that I deem women-friendly, sex-positive, ethical, and fantastic. Each ad is evaluated individually. Have questions or suggestions? Email me personally (I’m Sarah).

Acceptable ads could promote anything related to women’s health, bodies, and sexuality. For example:

  • products like sex toys, condoms, or menstrual gear
  • information about health, sexuality, anatomy, etc.
  • erotica, art and some porn
  • activist groups, events and zines
  • fun stuff like contests, movies or festivals

Promotions I’ve accepted in the past include:

Prescription Drugs and Other Rejected Ads

I evaluate each ad individually, so please email me (Sarah) if you have questions about advertising.

In general, I’m not interested in promoting:

Advertising is Easy and Quick

You can set up your text ad using the “Your Ad Here” links on any page of this site. Once I approve it, it goes live. Simple.

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Approved ads:

Babeland sex toys
Sex toys, tips, discovery, education, satisfaction and passion for all

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