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Herbal Sherbet Recipes

The discovery that any tea or delicious liquid could be turned into a smooth, icy dessert without any special equipment really set off my daydream mechanism. Being immersed as I constantly am in vaginal considerations, I became intrigued by the potential uses of herbal or alcoholic sorbets during cunnilingus. Not only are melty ice and tasty foods a lot of fun to play with in bed, but the vagina and vulva are lined with very permeable mucus membranes— a perfect delivery system for herbs or other chemicals. Thus, here are some simple, yummy recipes for sorbets with active ingredients, to experiment with as you wish.

I've kept the sugar content to a minimum by using vodka as the textural softener, since sugar promotes yeast infections in some women.

For the record, the difference between “sorbet” and “sherbet” is that sorbet never contains milk, while sherbet sometimes does. Sorbet is to sherbet as squares are to rectangles.

Sangria sorbet

(Can a woman get drunk on a wine job?)

Combine all ingredients and follow the general method below.

Lavender sorbet

(pink, fragrant, and aphrodisiacal)

Steep lavender in boiled water for 5 minutes and strain. Add remaining ingredients to the tea and proceed with the general method below. *Lavender is very fragrant. You really don't need more than 1t.

Chai tea sherbet

(stimulating and gingery)

Steep chai blend in water for 5-10 minutes, or according to package directions. Remove spices and tea, add all other ingredients, and proceed with the general method.

General Method

Freeze mixture in a shallow pan. Break into chunks and blend with a food processor, blender, electric mixer, or fork until smooth. Transfer to an airtight container and refreeze. Serve as is or re-blend just before serving.

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