Sci-Fi and Fantasy! (Spring 2005 at All About My Vagina)
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S.T.Demon, a Boardgame

S.T.Demon Game!

Art to print and remix! A boardgame of infectious amusement, contagious fun, etc.

Three Poems

Three Poems

Poetry by Sandra Lindow (see also her interview!).

A Surprise

Monster sex!

Hint: it involves tentacles.


Sandra Lindow, poet

Sandra Lindow

We discuss speculative poetry, and science fiction about women’s bodies and experiences.

Sudharm, Vaginartist

Sudharm, Vaginartist

A yoni artist and digital image manipulator on why technology doesn’t matter.


Earth Girls are Easy

Earth Girls are Easy

Andrea Nichol examines the sex philosophy of a B-movie classic.

Further Reading

Further Reading

Links, books and other sources of amusement and enlightenment.


From the Vaults

From the Vaults!

Related topics from the rest of All About My Vagina. Surprisingly, there are a few!


and then...

Ongoing additions and extra links.


Thanks and Praise

Thanks and Praise!

Our contributors must be acknowledged!

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