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S.T.Demon, a Boardgame


This is a boardgame about a sexually transmitted plague, a short supply of protective amulets, and a clinic that diagnoses demons. Balance your efforts between keeping control of your demon possession and hunting for the cure that will win you the game! (Mess with your neighbours as you see fit.)

The game is made for fun, with lots of ridiculous, illustrated demons out to make you bleed from the eyes and show you how they earned their Rash Master levels.

But if you care to learn from it, there are also lots of optional educational aspects.

For Free and For Sale

Preorder S.T.Demon games in the shop. This is a limited edition of full-colour games, hand crafted by quality-control–freak artists, to be shipped out starting April 21.

Or, download art files of the uncoloured demons in the shop or below. Board and full card sets to follow once the physical games start shipping (April 21).

All the art and text of S.T.Demon is licensed under a Creative Commons license, so help yourself. Let us know what you make with it!

Meet the Demons

S.T.Demon in-game protestors

Optional Educational Aspects


Learn About Safe Sex

S.T.Demon is about sexually transmitted infections, complete with safe sex options and a mix of curable and incurable diseases. The demons are exaggerated versions of real STD afflictions: Rash Masters, Ooze Riders, Fertility Thieves, Degenerators, and Wart Mongers.

Playing the game quickly makes evident the difference between using protection every time, sometimes or not at all — a towering stack of demon infections is a hilarious visual reminder.

Learn about Healthcare and Attitudes

Using demons to represent infection is not far-fetched. Throughout history, many diseases have been considered supernatural. Even today, many addictions and psychiatric problems are characterized as demons, and sexual health is still considered a morality issue by many people.

S.T.Demon involves a mix of luck, protection, attack, and in-game demon-haters who try to exile infected pieces. Each game tends to highlight at least one healthcare discussion item! Preventative treatment, the ever-looming pandemic, harm reduction, herd immunity, disease vs. crime, social responsibility vs. individual freedoms — it’s all in there. Or you can make up voices for the Ooze Riders.

The Creators

Sarah designed and wrote the game, and Galen Hartley created all the original artwork.

More of Galen’s art and music is up at the Aloha Misc. Media House. So is Sarah’s knitting, if you’re interested in that.

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