Vaginal Science Fiction and Fantasy (Spring 2005 at All About My Vagina)
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Pulp Science Fiction Cover

Not a single zine issue so far has featured an article that gave any kind of overview of the history or scope of its theme.

I usually think there is value in starting fresh, since the relatively few vaginal topics that are commonly discussed have been beaten to a boring pulp, over and over and over again. Also, perhaps more to the point, it is difficult to become any kind of expert on anything on a quarterly basis!

However, gender, fertility, sexuality, women’s rights, and other vaginal topics feature so heavily in science fiction, and discussion about science fiction, that this issue would be a bit irrelevant without at least offering links to further reading. So here are more than the usual helping of added resources.

The futuristic toys and movies are just for fun.

Toys and Accessories

Bear Trap Corset, an Impenetrable Device

A lot of futuristic sex scenes center around highly advanced sex toys—androids and space prostitutes if possible. I’ve yet to come across a sex doll that can do more than vibrate and stare blankly, but other sex toy ambitions are bearing more fruit (mainly the realms of the ridiculous and the networked).

In a different vein of futuristic implements related to vaginas, these anti-rape concept devices make use of excessive technology and medical gadgets.

The Operation, a great porn film

Movies to Download

Two completely different free downloads, each good in a different way.

Role Playing Sex

Not the usual role-playing associated with costumes and bondage. Nerd role-playing!


A smattering of the many, many online galleries of smutty scifi pulp covers.

Actual Further Reading

Crones in B-movies

This is a very small selection of some of my preferred sf scholarship online. Most of these include extensive reading lists, and smaller, starter reading lists as well.

And a Random Compelling Thing

I’m intermittently fascinated with images of dangerous things emerging from vaginas (I mention bees specifically in the uterus topic). This is just an amulet featuring a yoni and a snake that I am quite taken with.

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