March 12, 2007

Me at UVic healthy sexuality conference

Logo: Anti-Violence Project

I’m delighted to be presenting on March 24 at a conference on healthy sexuality put on by the University of Victoria’s Anti-Violence Project. Details:

  • AVP Conference: Exploring Healthy Sexualities
  • Saturday, March 24, 2007
  • 8:30am - 4pm
  • David Strong Building, University of Victoria (BC)
  • Free!

AVP is a practical, progressive group and I’m excited to participate in their event. I was talking with my friend Robin from AVP on the weekend and she pointed out that AVP spends a lot of time talking about unhealthy sexuality and sexualized violence, but this is the first time they’ve really worked to present healthy, awesome alternatives. I love this kind of positive approach, and I love to see healthy sexuality and sex education presented with an awareness of the realities of abuse and violence.

Other speakers will include Michelle Favarger on non-violent communication, Tracey Coulter with one of her legendary sex toy workshops, a keynote by UVic anthropology prof Hulya Demirdirek, and a few yet to be announced.

If you’re in Victoria, Saturday March 24 would be a great day to spend at the University. If you’re there, come see me for buttons and goodies, or just to say hi.

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