March 01, 2007

Me in Monday mag this week

Tourism Victoria's ad: The search for your perfect orgasm is over.

Any Victorians in the audience can catch a few quotes from me in this week’s Monday Magazine, in a little article about our city’s orgasmic new culinary tourism slogan. It’s on page 8. You can pick up a free copy from one of the yellow boxes around town.

The other folks interviewed— Ladyfish of Sagacity, and Brent Ullerick of the Victoria Erotica Festival— talked about how many perfect orgasms they’ve had and where, and I got to be the cranky one who suggested that sexual perfection is constructed and that orgasms are not the only measure of sexuality. How charming of me! I also managed to suggest that I’m embarrassed to live in Victoria. Sorry, Victoria! You know I love you! (You too, orgasms!)

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