February 16, 2007

Betty Dodson is coming to Victoria!

Betty Dodson, Ph. D. Breaking news! Betty Dodson will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Victoria Erotica Festival in May. (Thanks for the news, Beck!)

Betty Dodson, Ph. D., is a legendary sex educator, sex-positive activist, artist and masturbation pioneer (best business card ever, unless she decided to go by “Dr. Betty Dodson, orgasm genius”).

She was the first person, as far as I know, to put together images of diverse vulvas for the purpose of helping women feel happy about their genitals, and her images are the first thing I list in my vulva image links.

She’s created excellent books and videos, including one of my all-time favourite sexuality reads, the hilarious and informative Sex For One.

In short, I am very excited and will have to curb my urge to shower her with lavish gifts for fear of acting like a stalker.

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