February 28, 2006

Fetus doll (crafts are endless)

Crafty, anatomical embryo doll Holy smokes. Something of critical importance to vagina fans always happens on Craftster during one of my “I can’t read craft websites all day” phases.

This transforming fetus soft toy was made by a medical illustrator, and it flips into either an in situ or detailed display configuration.

So... embryos and fetuses creep me out a little bit. I think it is that ‘creepy valley’ phenomenon in effect, where faces that look almost-but-not-quite human are very disconcerting. I am trying to decide whether representing a fetus with a soft, squishy toy is more or less freaky than the more common hard, shiny models. I think I do in fact find the soft toy less threatening.

For more collisions of craft skills and gynecological themes, see the Vaginal Arts & Crafts issue from summer 2004. This doll is going in the appendix.

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