February 20, 2006

Yoni-shaped whistles. Whistles!

Pussy Whistles!Who will buy whistles shaped like yonis? Joy is an artist in the US, trying to figure that out. Have a look at her handmade “pussy whistles” and maybe leave her a comment or suggestion.

It’s a funny combination object, this pussy whistle. I mean, I’m game for pretty much anything with a vulva on it, but that’s really only so I can tell you folks about it. I didn’t start accumulating vagina-related objects until about last year, and I still don’t do it with any dedication.

But I think most yoni collectors are in it from a sex-positive or erotic point of view. Pillows, toys, framed art, and even clothes can be put in that context (the Arts & Crafts zine has a good selection of shopping links), but a whistle belongs to a separate realm of life. At least that’s my first reaction.

Whistles! It’s so fun to say. Do I even own any whistles? I don’t think so. What would I do with a whistle? I have no idea. I’m going to go ask Joy about that. I’m sure she’s got ideas.

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