December 29, 2005

Cruelty, manipulation, meaninglessness...

Setting aside all the other cruelties and pointless exercises in obedience that together compose high school, is it not completely ridiculous that pubescent girls get to have their erratic, intense, inconvenient first periods when they aren't even in charge of their own bathroom breaks?

I know I have an authority problem, by a conservative estimate. But remembering how stressful it was to arrange my biological functions around a series of 7 minute breaks at 90 minute intervals fills me with the general sentiment that adults are dumb. Is there a word for simultaneously laughing and feeling sad about something absurd? Surely high school is the worst possible way to make puberty comfortable.

I'm 26 and just thinking about high school makes me roll my eyes and write defiant mottos about obvious clichés on the 3-ring binder in my mind. That is a powerful bathroom policy!

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