December 21, 2005

Canadian sex politics shocker! (I guess.)

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that swingers clubs don’t harm society, and should not be considered criminal. I think that’s fabulous, because I think education is a much more effective way to promote sexual health and strong families than outlawing sexual activities. Banning consensual sex is not a popular idea with me.

I’m even more impressed with the fast and furious comments that have followed the story on the CBC site. Initially, a block of panicked, anti-sex complaints, and then a whole bunch of sex-positive responses that mostly keep a civilized tone. Civilized debate is so heart-warming.

My blue ribbon for most concise, sex-positive explanation within the first fifteen comments goes to Karen from Toronto:

I think [The Supreme Court is] absolutely right in measuring indecency by the harm it causes. I think that consenting adults should be allowed to do what they please behind closed doors as long as no one comes to harm. Of course all consenting adults need to take responsibility for their own health, safety and emotional well being.

She goes on to make brief points about monogamy, but the emphasis on responsibility is the core issue for me. Nobody can be happy without taking responsibility for their own happiness. This I believe! So I’m very happy that my government is sticking up for my right to look out for myself, instead of being looked after and restrained. And I don’t even go to swinger clubs.

Anyone interested in more detailed explanations of responsible non-monogamy would do well to read The Ethical Slut, which I’ve reviewed here.

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