November 24, 2005

The further unfolding of the personality of reproductive organs

I feel a little cautious posting a link to someone else’s very personal journal entry, but I liked this a lot. And I think that the internet can be a good place to read about a stranger’s insightful, intimate feelings about her body. Most of what I try to do with this website is offer people ideas of ways to love and know their bodies, and I think that Elly's post after having surgery to remove a fibroid from her uterus is full of really good ideas.

I just went hunting for something to quote here and realized that most snippets would seem despairing, so I’m going to let you read the whole thing, and see how it is about grief and fear, but also about acknowledging bad feelings and looking for ways to feel more love. I think that’s honest and healthy. I also wish more people were in the habit of feeling their cervixes and uteruses with their fingers. (Not for any solid health reason, but just because cervixes are cool and I think there’s some useful perspective to be had once you realize the vagina isn’t an empty tube.)

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