November 07, 2005

Vintage menstrual education video

In about 1999 I read about a 1960s menstrual educational video for girls with mental disabilities. This was in an interview with the creator of a zine called Mystery Date, in a V. Vale zines compilation. I have mysteriously complete memories of all media I encountered in that era, so I can confirm that my friend just emailed me a link to that same educational movie, showing online. (The final identifier: the little girl’s name is Jill.)

I present, a long, retro, repetitive educational movie about periods, designed in the 1960s for girls with mental disabilites.

Like the zinester I was reading about 6 years ago, I’m mainly struck by the straightforward and explicit instructions given in the movie. At one point, Jill’s older sister demonstrates how to change a pad and they show her used pad with realistic blood, to explain when it is time for a new one.

I can’t recall ever seeing a used pad in any kind of movie. Even in the midst of my ongoing vagina-burnout I found that interesting.

I also liked the way Jill’s family dealt with potentially embarrassing questions like, “Do you have periods?” I think that putting yourself in context is a good way to feel less embarrassed (that’s mostly why I make this site), so I cheered a little bit for the repeated answer "Yes, all women have periods" (even though that is a simplified statement).

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