July 26, 2005

Bladder alarms and body hacks

I follow a few life hacks type sites, and my favourite ideas are always the body tricks. From 43 Folders, while I was away:

Keep Meetings Short and On Topic... Make everyone in the meeting drink 16 oz of water as the meeting begins... when about 30–45 minutes is up, everyone will have to pee.”

I’ve often thought about hacks for menstruation, sex, peeing, etc., but I hadn’t really gone the other way: using urogenital tricks to help with unrelated activities. So many possibilities!

I can see a certain demographic being really into the idea of scheduling events using their menstrual cycles as a timer. Right now I’m mainly intrigued by the idea of using bladder clocks. It seems like a fairly painless way to remember to put on the next load of laundry, get off the phone, or force yourself out of bed in the morning.

Best of all, for me, is that a pee alarm has a built in snooze function. It takes about 45 minutes for the first urge to pee after drinking excess water, then every 15 to 20 minutes indefinitely if you keep drinking (I’m sourcing a watersports site here). If you forget or ignore your timed task after the first pee break, you can have another glass of water and be reminded again in a few minutes. Strangely elegant!

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