June 22, 2005


This website is having one of those periodic identity crises caused by my spending too much time investigating other people’s vagina projects (and getting really, really bored by the uniformly healthy, positive, inclusive responses to the same old problems). I’ve been avoiding this site for long enough that just now I forgot the login for my own blog.

Two tries to log in? On my own site? What could inspire such effort on my part, when I’m obviously a deadbeat in the world of vaginas this month?

Answer: Dinosaur comics.

You’re possibly already a big fan of Ryan’s Daily Dinosaur Comics, as I am, but today’s comic about sexual orientation has convinced me that hilarious comics are a bona fide Vagina-Related Resource.

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and of course... Curiosity... satisfied!

This is my contribution to the vaginal canon for today. Someone else’s comics, filtered for vaginal relevance. If Ryan starts backhandedly promoting alternative menstrual products using talking dinosaurs, I may just shut down my whole site, content that all my goals are being accomplished by someone else. (That’s the identity crisis talking. I’m working on some new, more ambitious and complex goals. Hopefully.)

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