March 29, 2005

Progress on my favourite birth control

Several news sources in and around India are reporting that RISUG has entered the final phase of clinical testing, and is expected to enter the market by the end of this year.

RISUG is my dream birth control— a non-hormonal gel developed in India, that can be injected into a man’s vas to incapacitate any passing sperm. Lasts 10 years; reversible any time with another simple injection.

The backgrounder is excellent, and really exciting.

Predicted prices are in the range of 100–200 Indian Rupees, which is about $2–$5 US. “It would sell for more in foreign countries.” No kidding.

I’m so glad that this is going ahead, despite all the cynicism about the economics of cheap, long-term, reversible, non-hormonal birth control (for males, no less). I might not even be cranky to start getting RISUG spam.

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