January 27, 2005

petite morte, petit mal

For years I’ve had little hallucinations when I get turned on. I’ve grouped the details under sex dreams in the encyclopedia vaginica; basically I get the dreamy sensation of being in a specific, random, fantastical setting such as candy land or a Samurai battle. I’ve always been curious whether these implied something about the kind of altered state I get into during sexual arousal. Is it like dreaming? Is it like a seizure? Is it like drugs? Am I just confused about what fantasies are?

Mind Hacks posted yesterday about epilepsy and orgasms, which I hoped meant someone was finally researching one of my more compelling sexual questions. Alas, it was mainly an article pointing out the general lack of scientific research about sex.

This coincides with my answering a lot of email with “nobody seems to know the answer to that.” Oh, the unlit cave of sexual curiosity! When will people in labcoats finally set up a double blind vaginal taste test using a representative random population sample? Only then can we properly answer certain pressing questions, identical versions of which have also been emailed to me and who knows who else.

(OK, not only then. What I really wanted to do was recommend a book or two about more contextual, less contrived sexual research methods. I liked Sex Is Not a Natural Act, and several other solid options are recommended in its Amazon listing.)

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