December 07, 2004

Still crafty after all this time

After the Arts & Crafts zine was archived, I tried to stop collecting additional crafty links for the appendix, but today has finally whittled through my resolve.

The new Knitty is up, and there are instructions for a knitted womb doll. It's stylized and hilarious!

Recently, too, good old Craftster has been abuzz about DIY dildos, and a kindly user suggested a visit to Morningwood Laboratories. They sell custom vulva molding kits, much like the less appetizingly named Match Your Snatch kits, except that the Morningwood variety come with the option of sending in your mold to be converted to a custom vibrating toy. A perfect gift for certain occasions?

On the even more DIY end of custom toys, here are instructions for turning a radio controlled car into a remote-controlled, multi-speed vibrator (except that in truly nerdy style, the creator has only gotten as far as the fancy remote).

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