November 05, 2004


I had to wait for something to post about besides the American election. Here's something minor: I am 25, as of yesterday. It was a happy day, but it didn't really help me sort out my reaction to the gong show that is American democracy. I wish there was as much pressure to get votes counted accurately as there was to get voters to the polls in the first place (heck, I was making a mental note to vote, and I'm not even American).

Updates might get slow as I start putting together the pieces of the upcoming Music Issue. Submissions are open until the 15th, by the way! Feel free to send vagina-related versions of any of the staples of music writing (top 10 lists, interviews, rock history stories), or something completely different (songs, poems, free jazz).

I added some links to places to find cloth pads, and I just finished two excellent books. If you've got a request for a topic to add or update, let me know and it might take precedence over my personal list.

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