November 01, 2004

And the winners are...

The winners of the Food Issue contest, randomly drawn from the entries that most correctly matched descriptions of vaginal odours with the women who made them, are:

  • David G from California, USA won Fairy Mist aromatherapy.
  • Lena D from California, USA won PMS Tea.
  • Randi P from Indiana, USA won Stroke It lubricant.
  • Virginia B from Illinois, USA won Ice Queen nipple gel.
  • Yelena K from New Jersey, USA won Fairy Mist aromatherapy.

Congratulations all around! This was a clean sweep for the USA, despite strong showings from Canada, the UK, and China. Thanks again to Earth's Herbal for supplying the delightful prizes, and to the scent volunteers and the wine buffs who described the samples!

For those of you playing along at home, the correctly matched odour samples are emphasized in this breakdown of guesses. It seems the correct answers were pretty hard to determine! I suppose the disqualified sample added a lot of uncertainty.

Mulva (indeterminate)
45% - green (disqualified, no sample)
43% - blue (very light, clean)
07% - white (greasy/perfumed/urine)
05% - red (potent, quintessential vagina)

Delores (not showered)
33% - red (potent, quintessential vagina)
30% - white (greasy/perfumed/urine)
26% - green (disqualified, no sample)
12% - blue (very light, clean)

Regina (ovulating)
36% - red (potent, quintessential vagina)
29% - blue (very light, clean)
24% - green (disqualified, no sample)
12% - white (greasy/perfumed/urine)

Jen (pregnant)
50% - white (greasy/perfumed/urine)
24% - blue (very light, clean)
21% - red (potent, quintessential vagina)
05% - green (disqualified, no sample)

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