September 24, 2004

Adventures in Urination: Laziness

Longtime readers and fans of my adventures in urination will recall that I've been experimenting with peeing standing up for several years. Peeing standing up is fun, very convenient when travelling, and more hygeinic than squatting in gross public places. Peeing standing up is also a good way to keep pelvic muscles in shape and prevent urinary incontinence.

In the last couple of years, several devices have come on the market to help women pee standing up. At first, I wasn't much in favour of these, as I'm typically not a fan of using devices when fingers and skills could substitute for free.

But, lately I'm lazy and don't want to practice enough to guarantee that I won't drip on my pants. Sometimes I also relish the chance to have a relaxed pee— no concern about starting with enough force or maintaining a strong stream until the last drop. Sometimes I just want to have a wimpy, lazy pee, and I wonder whether these devices could let me have the best of both worlds. Can I urinate lackadaisically while standing, without making a mess all over myself? I'm slightly tempted.

These devices to help women pee standing are currently linked in the discussion of peeing techniques:

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