August 10, 2004

Secretive Progress Report

The Food & Cuisine zine approacheth. That means it is time to open submissions for another future issue. Remember that submissions are still open for the Winter 2004 Music issue, but behold!

Spring 2005: VulvaCon! A Vaginal Sci-Fi and Fantasy zine.

So far I have been more excited about each future issue of the zine, and I worry that this tends to sabotage work on the issue at hand. The impulse to chase rock stars about the Music issue pre-empted my work on a Muff Pie recipe for some time, and now my love of monster erotica threatens to derail even the chasing of rock stars. What is so entertaining about grotesque monster nudity and women who are pregnant with demon spawn? I will have to clarify this for myself, sometime before spring 2005.

In the mean time, several things are keeping me away from this blog, in addition to the impending Food issue. All this year I've been working on turning this site up to 11. What with the technical upgrades, the zine, and the new reviews, I reckon I'm up to about 8. Secret work on the step up to 9 is consuming my efforts right now. The finished invention will hopefully be unveiled in September. I want to tell you about it, but it should probably remain a surprise. (There's a newsletter if you don't want to miss the unveiling.)

And just so you don't feel left in the dark about the goings on of my vagina, here are some current keywords: casual celibacy, bikini line, god-like power, good smells, lower-dose birth control pills.

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