June 05, 2004

The Perfect Vagina

I think I have discovered my arch-nemesis! I've never had a sworn enemy before, so this is very exciting! The Vagina Institute will soon be receiving a medieval note from me putting them on notice of our new foe-dom. I don't hate them, I'm just going to thwart their plans all the time. Bring it!

The Vagina Institute is a class A statistics abuser, trying to convince women that there is an “ideal vaginal look preferred by men” that we should try to all conform to, and that everyone should prefer this ideal or risk being labelled a fringe fetish group. Predictably this ideal is a small but plump, symmetrical, pink, hairless, young vulva. Also predictably, the site appears to be funded by plastic surgeons. Surely most people know better than to believe a bunch of hate-mongering surgeons... but I get a lot of email indicating otherwise. Foe, ho!

Meanwhile, working to promote better, healthier perspectives on women's sexuality, a group of various sexual health professionals at FSD Alert. I've been gobbling up books by the woman who appears to have founded the group, Leonore Tiefer, and now you can gobble up their manifesto.

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