May 27, 2004

In and Out

Wow! Celibacy week was a bit of a bust! We'll try that again later. I'm sure I have lots to say about celibacy when I'm not busy trying to scrounge rent together and finish the Arts & Crafts zine.

I think it's best to declare the rest of this week “recess,” to avoid any disappointments. Some quickies to tide you over until June 1, when the next stage of total world domination is unveiled (Arts & Crafts are a critical stage!):

1. Last month I took my birth control pills back to back, rather than deal with my period during a rock festival and sweaty road trip. I have never done that before. Holy cow, it totally sucked for me. The entire three weeks of my second pill pack were a giant hormone soup. My boobs nearly became sentient. I don't think I had a normal poo the whole time.

Most disconcertingly, I had no idea where my “cycle” was at. It was like 4 weeks of luteal phase gone wild. Just as I was finishing the 6 week hormone marathon, my body felt distinctly ovulatory. That is not a comforting situation when you are about to take a pill break. Now I'm at the tail end of a weird little period (very light, but very long).

So I've confirmed that I'm a big wuss about medical solutions to lifestyle dilemmas. I like knowing what my body is up to. I could probably get used to a new hormone style, but I'd rather not deal with that.

2. I've posted a book review. It is a “so you're becoming a woman...” book that doesn't suck.

Bye for now!

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