April 09, 2002

post Easter

Happy daylight savings time to anyone in applicable areas. Instant summer evenings!

At the grocery store over Easter, special boy and I ran into a friend of his who was excited about her new job at Victoria's finest sex shoppe. Thusly inspired, I have produced for your enjoyment and enlightenment a new and expanded section on toys for grown-ups. The current feature discusses the finer points of sex shoppes.

A number of pages regarding individual toy options have been written already, but I want to ease you back easily into the realm of updates (this last long break was partly spent out of the country, and partly spent returning to this country again). To be a tease and/or help you maintain a moderate internet intake, those pages and more will be added a bit at a time over the next few days.

Click for personal notification of updates.

Also, for anyone in the metro Victoria area... on April 20 Nearly Neil is playing a vile sports bar on upper Douglas (yes, I mean the Ingy at the Ingraham Hotel) and I suggest that you all go. Neil Diamond impersonators in vile sports bars are important things to support. Free prizes for anyone who can determine who I am at the show (really!). Boy and I have recently drafted a house policy that mandates rewarding postal correspondence with prizes also.

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