December 17, 2001

pain pain pain

Injured I am, in a totally non-vaginal way, from moving furniture. I have an old man injury (but it isn't a hernia). It made me think about vaginal injuries though, so you get to read about sexual injuries that I've known and loved. Part of my observations about injuries and sex includes positions that are gentle on different kinds of sorenesses, and it got me to thinking about positions.

I've noticed that some folks have some fanatacism for particular positions (ok, mainly I've noticed that some college-aged feminist women are adamant about the female superior position - on top non stop). I am wondering: do any of you out there insist on one particular position, or a select list of positions, and those positions only? And why? Mon email. I won't broadcast your answers unless you tell me to.

(Also I wonder if egg nog is the only kind of nog - other than soy-based fake egg nog - but you don't have to email me about that.)

That is all. Time to nurse a hot water bottle and some anti-inflamatories. It sucks a little, but it will be ok.

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