August 29, 2001

You! You! You!

There is a bit of August content now, besides the big site fix and the shtml and so on. By the way, anybody who still has problems seeing this site in their browser (mac people?), do let me know. It is way easier to fix now and won't take me two weeks of procrastinating each time. The mirror is always safe in the meantime (not like you'll be reading this handy tip if the site is broken for you. hrm).

But, the content is composed mainly of site utilities, so that you don't have to email me so much asking for info that is already up on the site but hard to find. Besides the big alphabetical list at left, you now have at your disposal: a site map, and an faq page. Also you can send me real mail now if you want to.

You you you. I don't usually write like that (but it's all for you!).

I've been reading more stuff from the lucky mojo sacred sex pages, and it is all so good! Besides being really interesting and useful info, the writing itself makes me happy. I linked an article about clitoris size on the links page, just so that I could use this quote:

"In fact, when considered in its entirety, the clitoris may even be bigger than the penis."

I'll probably be out of commission for a little while more, because there are at least 2 more moves remaining before I live anywhere (grand total this month: 6), and I'm editing a masters thesis for somebody (not about vaginas). You can still email me suggestions and comments and say hi and so on. You! You you you!

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