April 18, 2001

Smutty Dreams

Today I wrote about my smutty dreams. Maybe there will be other pages soon too. Hooray! The work in progress is progressing.

Recently, a lot of the progress going on involved editing existing pages and adding sections to them, which is not terribly exciting for y'all but makes me more attracted to adding new pages. When there are old, out of date pages that embarrass me I get a tendency to ignore the project and pretend I am not thinking about it.

The newest links were only added a few days ago, so have a boo at them too.

Also, during the small interlude where I was busy feeding my brain at school and the library and was pretending to ignore All About My Vagina, I had to renew the domain name, which means it has been a whole year since I made the first pages. I don't know if there is really anybody who has read all the updates since then. If you have and you email me, I will get most smooshy and happy about it. Other folks can email me too, but there are NO PICS. no pics no pics no pics. sigh.

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