April 13, 2001

These have been slowwwww updates in myvag land.

I think I am in a feeding period rather than a productive period. Much time at school and the library, and reading in general. Must feed brain.

There is a massive backlog of good links, so do check them out. I'm working on some real pages too. I think the productivity might be coming back.

For now, some recent adventures involving me and the subject of vaginas:

.Heard my grandmother say "pussy" in reference to, I think, Jennifer Lopez's revealing scarf dress outfit, as seen in People magazine ("You could see everything, even the hair on her... her...her pussy..."). Thankfully she was telling a funny story or I think I would have embarrassed her.

.On a different occasion on the phone with my grandma, ended up getting it on totally inappropriately but very silently, apparently without her noticing (she tends to tell long stories). Please do not let this tarnish the honour of my grandma in any way, or convince you that I am a brazen hussy. It happened in the politest way possible, really. I do not know why I feel compelled to reveal this on the very frontest page of this site. It will soon be buried, perhaps on the sex/location page. Other telephone smut: while making plane reservations, while on hold with the phone company, small bits of kissing on during other phone calls I don't remember.

.Became further convinced that my degree of happiness and the feistiness of my libido are one and the same one. For the first time in some months, had a burning in my loins while just sitting at school thinking about special boy.

.Was reminded that mangos have much the same resistance to the tooth as does person flesh and that is why I identify them as an aphrodisiac food. Also, was reading a whole cookbook of aphrodisiacal food and got to thinking that I should list some of the foods and drinks that make me think spicy things (mainly because I lately am right into sharing recipes).

.Let my fur grow back, so the temporary tattoos are gone for awhile. I am still determined to be hairless and tattoed for my next pelvic exam, so that I have something to talk to the doctor about.

That is about all. I do not want to sound like a pervert. I think this might be one of those front pages that scares visitors away so hopefully it will encourage me to update sooner rather than later. The last one that caused a major dip in traffic was the story of my annual pap smear (ewwww-- but I wasn't disgusting; it was very tasteful I assure you).

I still answer email, but I do not have any pics to send you.

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