December 05, 2000

Short Sex Update

It is late at night and I have been a rock'n'roll animal for the last couple of days, so this is short. It is the start of a big sex and sex drive update. See new info at arousal and libido, as well as the overhaul of orgasms from the weekend if you haven't yet.

Mostly I've added what I've figured out from this recent slump I've been in with a totally depressed sex drive. My vulva went into a hut and didn't want to come out and play. The partial cure-- masturbation! That page will be right up there in the next update. I'm turning into all the sex therapists on the radio who prescribe masturbation as the cure for everything (over or under-active sex drive, premature ejaculation, anxiety, disatisfaction with partner, inability to have satisfying orgasms, shyness, stress, menstrual cramps....)

Also, the sex pages are finally started. Right now the only topic is positions but there will be more.

Eventually there will be more non-sex topics added. I'm not in a sudden sex-fiend mood; it has just been awhile since I've added any sexuality info and there has gotten to be a backlog. Soon I can get back to things like location.

You can email me page suggestions; I like it. About 80 people emailed petitioning for the masturbation page before I got it finished, and recently somebody asked for a page about periods because they didn't make the connection that that's what bleeding was about (however, so far no one has asked for a sex page?).

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