Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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These vagina-related songs are all offered for free, legal download by the musicians who created them. Thanks, everybody!

10% massage, by ahcri

10% Massage, by ahcri
(112kbps MP3, 1.6MB)

Ahcri says his music “is comprised of three parts: sustained keyboard, toy-piano staccato, and samples of self-recorded sounds used for drums and occasionally for vocal tracks.” In 10% Massage, the samples are distorted sounds from porno flicks. The results are frantic and a little creepy.


Vagina, by hrdvsion

Vagina, by hrdvsion
(128kbps MP3, 2.8MB)

Hrdvsion makes mostly software-based musical experiments, and collaborates with other musicians for acoustic elements. This track features cut-up choral samples chanting va-gi-na, with a churchy, somber mood. Again, a little creepy.


Shades of Mystery, by Kelby MacNayr

Shades of Mystery, by Kelby MacNayr
(128kbps MP3, 5.7MB)

Kelby MacNayr is a jazz drummer also known to play with indie rock, Portuguese fado and latin dance bands. This is a 6 minute, free jazz excursion for solo drum kit, with lots of atmosphere and texture and none of the honking I usually associate with free jazz.

The Power of Russia, by Panty Boy

The Power of Russia (Bass Mix), by Panty Boy
(128kbps MP3, 2.1MB)

Inspired by part of the Vagina Rock Showdown, one half of Panty Boy threw this dinky-pop catalog of nicknames together in less than two days. Remarkable, especially considering that all of the nicknames seem to be completely imaginary.

Panty Boy:

Road Movie (Summer Hysteria), by Woodstock Taylor

Road Movie (Summer Hysteria), by Woodstock Taylor
(128kbps MP3, 2.6MB)

Woodstock Taylor is a British singer-songwriter. In this track, she sings about men's fear of women's sexuality and makes a lot of menstrual references, amidst some Santana-esque guitar noodling.

Woodstock Taylor:

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