Radio Vulva! (Winter 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Music & MP3s

Download songs!

Songs to Download

I asked for songs about vaginas. I got all kinds of hot stuff!

Song links!

Song Links

More gynecological music to download elsewhere.

Blame it on the... squirrel

Blame It On The… Squirrel

A yeasty tribute to Milli Vanilli.

Lyric Links!

Lyric Links

More lyrical brilliance from the rest of the internet.

Musical links!

Musical Links

Other places where music and vaginas converge.


Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops

Vancouver rockers talk euphemisms, sex rock, and “celebrating human existence to the beat of many bongos.”

The Wet Spots

The Wet Spots

Education and the risqué ukelele opus.


Menstrual songs!

Menstrual Song Cycle

Songs about the menstrual cycle— a top 28 list. (OK, an all 28 list.)

Lifetime Achievers

Lifetime Achievement Awards

What's a music issue without awards?

List of Lists!


You'd think the only thing music writers do is write lists.


Top songs about genitals!

Vagina Rock Showdown

We stage a gruelling tournament to determine the top musical references to fruits, car parts and various red things.

Into The Menstrual Night!

Into The Menstrual Night

Some night are especially dark.


Thanks and Praise!

Thanks and Praise

Our contributors must be acknowledged!


From the Vaults!

From the Vaults

Related topics from All About My Vagina.

and then...


Additions and extra links that show up late.

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