Vaginal Arts & Crafts (Summer 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Art, Shopping, Inspiration

Tampon Dolls at My Paper Crane

Vulva Mania

So many things can be obtained in the shape of a vulva! Handbags, sleeping bags and hats at The Velvet Vulva, cookies and chocolates, puppets and pillows and various art and sculpture.

At least a couple of people make yoni prints.

What ever happened to the Vulva Bed? All links to the clitoral pillow I fondly remember now point to nowhere.

Crafts and Projects

Match Your Snatch kits let you cast your vulva in wax, Just Kittyng kits help you trim your pubes into fancy shapes, and finally the modern age lets you paint your own porn by numbers.

Period Gear

Powerpads by Urban Armor

Many people make cloth pads: Lunapads, Many Moons, Urban Armor, Gladrags, Pandora Pads, Celesta Pads, Ema Pads...

Vinnie's tampon cases started as a home silkscreening operation, and now he offers crafty cyclical sticker books, too.

Heidi at My Paper Crane makes delightful stuffed tampon dolls.

Pyrex Butt Plug by XXX Glass

Toys and Fun

Many people offer handmade vulva jewellery. Arabesque is Canadian.

I know of a few purveyors of handmade sex toys: XXXGlass has a Pyrex shop, and of course Divine Interventions is featured in this issue.

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