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Wonders and Vulvalutions!

Dorrie Lane with a Wondrous Vulva Puppet

Between her Wondrous Vulva Puppets, Vulva University, videos about women's sexuality, performances and teaching Dorrie Lane has been making vulva art and promoting vulva care and love for over 10 years.

I think the first Wondrous Vulva Puppet I encountered was in the movie Bubbles Galore. But, you've made hundreds of these— where are some of the places you are most proud to have sent Wondrous Vulva Puppets? Any presidential clients on board the vulvalution yet?

My favorite Vulvalutionary is Eve Ensler. She used her Vulva Puppet to interview many of the women in the Vagina Monologues. Her Vulva Puppet played a very essential role in bringing forth the stories many of the women shared.

Wondrous Vulva Puppet by Dorrie Lane

How did you decide on the design for the first vulva puppet? Was it modeled after a person, your personal taste, or some other ideal?

The first one had many transformations before she ended up like she is now. I was an active player in my local dyke softball team, I played the catcher, and if you squint at the puppet, you'll see my catcher's glove. What was key for me in the beginning when I had the notion of them all being mass produced was one color theme; Purple, Gold, Red. These are the colors of royalty all over the world. So the first 200 or so puppets were these colors.

Owning an opulent, sweet-smelling, vulva puppet can obviously be an empowering experience for a woman, but what effect has creating these puppets had on you?

Making the puppets is a form of meditation for me. Goddess, I think I've made well over 2500 by now, but I'm not counting.

Wondrous Vulva Puppet by Dorrie Lane

Do you have a favorite medium in which to create? Have you ever helped other people make vulva art?

I still want to make more videos, I want to make a sexuality encyclopedia set of videos. I've helped lots of people make vulva art, my favorite was of course the WORLD'S BIGGEST PUSSY that a group of us made for the 2001 SFgay Pride parade. We took 1st place of course, the thing was 8ft wide by 12ft tall, and she ejaculated all over the parade route.

Do you consider Vulva University an art project?

Yes, I do in some respects. First of all, creating my puppets convinced me to set up Vulva U, and the artwork that I use to describe the classes is created by my good friend Yuri Shiller, an established fine artist. I think that sex is seductive and charged by varying degrees of ignorance, fear and myth and emotions; it's used as a marketing tool by many established entities both business and religious. In today's world, this is a sometimes dangerous and foolish ploy to sell ideas and products, which I believe can be harmful to many, primarily women but men are affected by it too. My art, especially my puppets, have always provoked some kind of reaction, whether it be shame or empowerment, disgust or pride, anger or laughter. Vulva U stands to provide a place to explore your feelings and questions without judgement.

Wondrous Vulva Puppet by Dorrie Lane

How do you respond to hate mail? Any creative act can be a target for detractors, and celebrating vulvas and women's sexuality still seems to invite a lot of shaming attempts, so I'm guessing you've received at least a few negative letters and emails.

I used to respond to hate mail, but now I just ignore it. I have no wish to engage with hate. As long as I'm not threatened, censored or otherwise harmed I just read it and delete it. It's usually soooo boring.

You've started a number of projects with few resources. What motivations give you the energy and courage to start these projects? Has it gotten easier as you've racked up past accomplishments? (Was it hard in the first place?)

Yes it was and continues to be a challenge, but I'm pretty fearless and have a vision. If you have a vision, nothing can stop you.

And finally, what are some of your favorite works of vulvalutionary art?

The Vagina monologues, anything by annie sprinkle, films by Monica Treut, music by lil Kim, comics by dori Seda.

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