Vaginal Arts & Crafts (Summer 2004 at All About My Vagina)
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Crafts, ho, Internauts!

Lamenting the lack of instructions for cloth pads in this issue? Lament no more. There are all kinds of vagina crafts already on the internet!

Homemade Menstrual Products

Cloth pad patterns and instructions abound. Try the tutorials from some of these fine folks: Many Moons, Bloodsisters, Ladyfriend.

Instructions for other types of menstrual products are less abounding, but here is one for a DIY silicone menstrual cup, and one for making sea sponge tampons (scroll or read through to the sponge section).

Vulva Mania

Oh, vulvas. What can you not make in their image? These things work nicely: a giant pillow, a knitted badge, and cookies. Plenty more vulva-shaped things are featured in the Shopping Links, for the reverse-engineers among us.

Fun With Girly Gear

Here is one way to reuse birth control pill compacts: decorated mirror compacts.

Things to make with menstrual products: slippers out of pads, Tampon Henge, or an endless supply of tampon art.

These are more “fun with parts” than with gear: Placenta Prints, and pubic sculpting tips featured in this issue.

Toys, Toys, Toys

A logical place to start would be, who illustrate many toys for guys and a few for women. For kinkier play, Jess's Kinky Krafts has a variety of instructions for sensation and pain toys. And of course, The Woman's Around The House Guide To Masturbation is previewed in this issue.

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