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Have You Ever Made Love to a Banana?

Well, have you? When I ask that question, most women snicker or giggle while men raise their eyebrows and wait for a woman to answer. It's the hot-chick-does-produce-fantasy that gets the guys' attention. For the woman, it's a mixture of silly thoughts and maybe embarrassment. But that's not what the question is about at all. We'll save giggles for the comedians and the produce fantasies for the porn sites. There's a much more important matter to discuss. What I'm talking about is a woman's pleasure: the special times she takes to please her body like only she can. After all, who knows a woman's body better than herself?

Forget the traditional sex toys that come to the mind when we talk about female masturbation. Put the vibrators and dildos out of the picture and allow yourself to explore your creative side and imagine new toys that might otherwise be viewed as everyday household objects. Find things in your home…stashed away in a drawer, in a cabinet, or in your living room masquerading as a simple chair. With these items, a woman doesn't have to buy a vibrator or other toy. She can explore erotic opportunities as they present themselves while she's decorating her home, eating dinner, or simply watching a movie.

About That Banana...

Think about the shape of a banana. With a vibrator or a flesh-and-blood lover, it takes just the right angle to stimulate the vagina and the clitoris at the same time. Some women crave the sensation of something inside them when arousal first begins and up until climax. If a penis or a toy were curved so that, with every stroke, the vagina would be filled and the clitoris stimulated, wouldn't that be amazing? Now, think about that banana again. Even though there are toys made to stimulate the clitoris and penetrate the vagina, the banana is a creative…and adventurous…treat. During masturbation with a banana, real or plastic, the right angle can be achieved to provide excellent clitoral stimulation for any woman of any sexual preference. Experiment to find the curve that works best for you.

In the Bathroom

How about that old electric toothbrush you replaced last month? By placing the back of the head against your clitoris and turning it on, it has the same effect as a vibrator. The “selling” point for this item, however, is its size. It's small enough to rub just where you want, and its vibrations are not so strong that they will make you sore during extended play.

In the Kitchen

Just because Thanksgiving is months away doesn't mean that turkey baster has to be shoved to the back of the drawer. Get it out the next time you share a private moment with your body. Fill the baster with warm water. The temperature of the water should give the baster the same warm feel as a man's cock. If a man is not your fantasy lover, just the feel of something warm penetrating you can be extremely stimulating. This is a do-it-yourself idea that just might become a favorite.

To get started, position yourself on a counter or stretch out on the bed and insert it. With each stroke, it will feel like a lover inside you. When you approach orgasm, release the water deep into your vagina. The warmth of the water squirting inside you will make it feel more like a real sexual experience. If you fantasize during masturbation or find your orgasms are stronger when they're with a lover, then don't forget that turkey baster next time you're all alone.

And Elsewhere...

A woman's pleasure is key to her physical well-being and happiness. Don't be afraid to explore your sexuality and alternative ways to pleasure yourself using objects from around the house. Have fun experimenting, but keep in mind that I am by no means a doctor or therapist. The suggestions in this article are to be taken at your own risk, using caution and safety at all times. Please keep in mind when inserting anything into your vagina that you make sure it is clean, free of sharp edges and corners, and if you have any doubt, cover it with a condom (always do this with sugary foods). Then, fantasize away and enjoy the new adventures these objects will take you on!

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