page updated: 26-Apr-2005

Mainly this is about the opening to my urethra, since that is the part most obviously related to my vagina. My urethra (the tube from bladder to outside world) opens out in my vulva, nicely centered and somewhat below my clitoris, inside my labia minora.

It took me until a few months ago (I am 20) to recognise this exact placement. I have never had a good look at my urethra in a mirror. I think it must be quite inconspicuous, being small and buried under various vulvic lips.

Also, I think I had been mistakenly attributing some clitoral sensations to it, which had thrown off my idea of where it physically was. See, whenever I squeeze pelvic muscles to stop or avoid peeing (so whenever I pee or feel like I have to pee), the clitoris actually has pressure put on it, so I feel something. Just because of circumstances, it seems like I should be feeling something in my urethra, but it is really my clitoris. Also sometimes the act of peeing will somehow nudge a sensation out of the clitoris.

It is a different bunch of sensations than full-on clitoral arousal, in that the arousal involves clitoral feelings that are physically deeper, along the whole shaft of the clitoris, whereas the peeing sensations are just small, at the tip. I figured they were in a different place altogether.

Well. Mass confusion, I tell you.

Uhh, no. But I do think that a major step in learning to pee standing involved actually figuring out where my urethra was at. All this faux urethral sensation had me thinking that it was higher than it is-- at the top juncture of the wee lips as opposed to between them-- making it hard for me to tell what would be an appropriate way to hold my labia minora out of the way to successfully pee standing up without spraying and dripping on myself.

The second surprising revelation I had about my urethra is the size of the opening. I think because I had never seen it or bumped into it , I figured it must be very small and inconspicuous. Imagine my disbelief when I discovered I could actually feel it with my finger. It’s practically the same size as a male urethra, which I guess makes sense, but golly!

I think I will probably get to know my urethra better, just for the sake of doing so. I know that it must get stimulated sometimes (oral sex for instance), but I totally can’t distinguish it from the rest of my vulva.

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