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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

I, Sex Shopper

Given these various outlets, my own personal shopping style tends to spread the love around.

When I get it into my head that I would like to purchase a pleasure toy or product, I like to make two shopping trips. The first is a reconnaissance trip to the "good sex" store, to see what they have and to get a bunch of questions answered.

For devices that involve straps, I might try things on and see how securely they fit. For vibrating or heating devices, I will try them in my hand. I smell things, read things, check prices, ask about allergies and cleaning and all that. Then I leave.

On the way home, I pop into another store (conveniently located on my walking route back to the house) to compare prices and products, now that I know what to look for. For books I usually try an actual book store in case they stock the title of my desires. If I am not satisfied with any of these stores, I try the internet. Otherwise, I make another trip on another day to march right into the selected store, grab my product, check it over once, and buy it on the spot.

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