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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

Crafty people in your neighbourhood

To me these are people in the community who have a business, often home-based, providing custom made sex toys and costumes. These are not always easily found in the phone book, but you may find contacts on posters at sex shops, by talking to people who work at sex stores, by talking to somebody in the local bdsm community, or by looking in the back pages of community magazines where the escorts are advertised.

People who advertise sex workshops, fetish nights or dominatrix/dungeon services may be able to recommend an artisan for your needs. A resource centre for safer sex or a gay-lesbian-bisexual-transexual-two-spirited-etc alliance may also have some listings. Also there is, of course, the internet. Try searching in directories rather than by keyword to avoid a deluge of porn search results.

Specialty businesses in your community may include makers of fine:

  • jewellery (piercing or non-piercing nipple rings, cock rings, belly chains, complicated body chains, and whatever you can dream up)
  • fetish wear (leather, latex rubber, pvc, chain mail, sheer fabrics, corsets, fur, et cetera)
  • leather work (masks, spanking paddles, wrist and ankle restraints, harnesses for strap-ons...)
  • furniture (for that really fancy bed with all the places to attach things, or that really impressive throne for the empress to sit on when she summons her slaves, or whatever)

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