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condoms for fun

(Also: safe and useful handling of condoms).

Sure, your average condom is considered sexual paraphernalia, but is generally categorized as a utilitarian item rather than a toy. Or as a utilitarian item to put on a Real Toy to keep it clean (or keep you clean). Even without delving into novelty latex (or fruit-based products), condoms have some play potential for me.

Ooh, latex!

Granted, I tend to think that everything in the whole world is neat. For me the fun with regular old protective latex condoms involves the following:

  • They are sexual paraphernalia. They add a small ritual to sex, before and after. This can be a bigger ritual the more you make of it (having the other partner put the condom on the lucky stiff, etc.). They have a smell, they have a feeling. They are a simple object that reminds me of smutty things.
  • They render my chosen phallus smooth and slippery - a fun sort of object to have in the garrison just for tactile purposes. It sort of reminds me of legs in tights - it is a tease, you know?
  • I find that the smoothness of latex wrappings causes less chafing in my sensitive areas, even compared to naked sex with equal lubrication. This can allow more seductions in a row.

I don't use condoms much lately because I take birth control pills and have a steady date. Being able to get all naked and not worry about what touches where when it is slippery is a treat. I don't bring out the plain condoms that often, but they still rule a little corner of my heart. Perhaps the fact that condoms really serve no purpose in my life at the moment adds to the feeling that they are a toy, a way of dressing up or playing.

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