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page updated: 31-Mar-2004

Play time

Among the scads of sparkly, vibrating, lubricated, easy-clean treasure in these pages, I will include some common household items. To me it is important to remember that toys for sex play do not have to be commercially made for that purpose.

If you are going to be using something in an intimate (read: penetrating) manner, then it makes sense to use an object that has been designed and tested to be safe for that purpose. However, there is a happy rainbow of play possibilities beyond tying up and penetrating, and that rainbow is not ruled by the Sex Toy Industry. A lot of that play doesn't require any products or toys at all, and another lot can be created with objects whose day jobs do not suggest smutty second careers.

That said, for your specialty toy needs it may be necessary to select one of those adult shopping locations.

A whole bunch of toy descriptions, experiences and considerations are already written, but I am being a tease and adding them one at a time over the next few days. If you'd like to be personally notified when something is added, that can be arranged.

As for toys, I myself give consideration to the following (more coming, obviously):

Household / Multipurpose:

Specialty Smut Toys

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My friend Tracey created the excellent T-Spot website, with lots of detailed, accurate, fun info about all kinds of sex toys. Recommended!

See also some crafty toy ideas in the Arts & Crafts issue:
household toys,
dildos from condoms
and an interview with Nigel of Divine Interventions.

I also review some of my own toys and lubes.

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