mutual masturbation

page updated: 30-Mar-2004

Things get slightly more complicated when touching someone and being touched back at the same time. Lying on sides will lead to arms getting tangled up or cramping each other. The lying on my back thing can remedy that, but there are plenty of interesting variations. I didn't get any of them from this book, but Sex For One seems to have a lot of ideas for this kind of thing. I encountered the book at the same erotic art show where I found the gspot book, but I remember my boyfriend's mum having it around when she was researching orgasms for her counseling practise.

One position that is nice for both freedom of movement and closeness of bodies and faces is for a boy to straddle my belly or chest (me lying on my back) and avail himself of himself (or I can kiss, or touch, or all of these things) while I can reach over one of his legs to touch my own self. Enjoyment of this benefits from my liking to be close to what is going on. If I was intimidated by penises this might freak me out.

A position that my boy and I end up in a lot involves one of us lying on the other's back while we touch each other. This is all awkward and kind of torturous, but it feels really nice to lie against someone's back :) An easier version is for me to sit up to my hands and knees and have him behind me. We can reach each other through my legs. This usually just results in us having sex because our genitals are too close together to resist very well.

If I come up with or remember more positional ideas I'll put them up, but it really isn't hard to make up your own :)

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